5 Problems Everyone Has With Linen Closet Organization And How To Solve Them

5 Problems Everyone Has With Linen Closet Organization And How To Solve Them

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With summer’s arrival, we hope, just hope, there’s a little more time to play AND get a few things done around the house. Why not start with a simple, do-in-an-afternoon project? Let’s tackle organizing the linen closet! Here are 5 tips to help you create an efficient and organized space for your linens, towels, and other supplies.

Question 1: Where do I even start with the process of organizing my linen closet?

Answer: Gather and sort.

Gather all the items you wish to corral in your linen closet. Take them out of the closet if need be and sort the items into piles. This is a great time to dejunk! With all those sets of sheets and towels it may seem overwhelming, but you’ve got this!

Question 2: How many sets of sheets and towels do I really need to keep?

Answer: 3 per bed (max) and 3 sets of towels and washcloths per person.

As with any other new purchase, it’s a good practice to get rid of the old when the new linens come in. No one needs 30 old towels, right? It may be helpful for you to assign certain colors to bathrooms or bedrooms. You may even wish to store the sheet sets inside a pillowcase. Another great idea is to store extra blankets and bedding inside beanbag covers. Those can remain in a room without taking up much needed closet space!

Question 3: What is the best way to maximize space in the linen closet? How can I make all this stuff fit?

Answer: Things that are used often go in the middle shelves and less-used and seasonal items get stored on the top or bottom shelves.

If you have heavy comforters or seasonal items, they should be stored higher or lower since they won’t be needed as much. Towels and sheets should be stored on the middle, more accessible shelves. Glass containers can be used to house cotton balls and other cosmetic needs. Toilet paper needs a place too, so a large basket might be a nice way to separate it.

Question 4: What do I do with the larger, awkward items in the linen closet?

Answer: Hang them on the door.

That’s right! When space is tight, we want to maximize it. Simple hardware can be hung on or over the door to free up space on the shelves for other items. This would be a great place for an iron and ironing board using a wall-mount or over the door organizer. Some people even install curtain rods to hang delicate tablecloths or other linens.

Question 5: How do I keep my linen closet from reverting back to chaos? I’d love it to stay organized for more than 30 minutes.

Answer: Use baskets and labels.

Once you have everything placed where you would like it, then add the labels. If you are one who changes things often, avoid sticking labels directly on the shelf. Use clothespins or clips to attach labels to containers.

Blog Source: https://www.remodelaholic.com/5-problems-everyone-has-with-linen-closet-organization-and-how-to-solve-them/

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